About Dealer Support Services, Inc.

Dealer Support Services was started in 1980 by Car People to overcome a problem with Ford Dealers incorrectly figuring interest. That came to an end when Ford rectified the problem, so the group put a face on the program and sold it to New and Independent Dealers all over the country. One of the partners bought the others out in 1989 and continued to sell the Program to Independent and New Dealers.

AutoLogic was introduce in 1998 as a Windows application and has grown more and more popular. The main Reason for this growth is because AutoLogic is so user-friendly. As our customers F&I needs change, We modify AutoLogic to fit those needs. It is this ever-evolving growth that makes AutoLogic so popular.

Our Tech Support staff share the same space with Sales and Programming so everybody knows what is happening. This seems to cause everyone to be more responsive to the customer's needs.